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My name is Gosia

I'm Awareness Coach and Artist.  When I've graduated as an Illustrator and Printmaker it felt like my dreams had come true. For almost 4 years I was editioning prints for one of the best printmaking studios in UK. However it came at the cost. The toxic environment led to my complete and devastating breakdown.  My meditative practice which became my daily routine since 2005 saved me. Years of retreats, study of Buddhism and meditation gave a solid foundation to keep going. I had to reinvent myself. I've trained to become Awareness Coach and Mindfulness Coach in 2014. In 2015 I started my own practice and work with  Adult Education Department in City of London Corporation. For almost 2 years I have been a Mindfulness Teacher/Practicioner who facilitated group meditations, creativity and assertiveness groups across London boroughs and across various social and mental health services.

In recent years I've opened myself to a deeper level of spiritual growth. I have already trained as a Reiki practicioner years ago but now I begun to enter the realm of Sacred Feminine Energy. I want to keep exploring this forgotten path and share this journey with other women. I believe the lost connection to the Mother Earth Goddess has resulted in our civilisation going down dangerous and painful path. We can all help restore the balance and return love and respect to Nature, to become again a part of it. In my practive I use my creative background, meditation and spirituality to bring about a holistic approach to my clients and give them tools to acheive it.
 Juggling motherhood and bussiness is a constant challenge but I woudn't have it any other way.  After living on this planet for over 40 dacades I can say I feel deep gratitude and joy to be here. My work doesn't end here and there are dreams, ideas and inspirations I want to share with Women who are ready to take this journey with me.
Are you up for it?

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Hannah, Homerton Hospital, Mother and Baby Unit

Hi Gosia, I just wanted to thank you for a couple of mindfulness groups I attended at the mother and baby unit last year. They really helped me and I wish I lived closer to be able to attend. Thanks again.